Saturday, December 30, 2006

Called and left a message for the lady at the courthouse last week - no response. Last year at this time when I decided to embark on this search, I remember thinking "There's no way it will be a year before I hear something" but here I am. I suppose I'll try to call her again, since she didn't even return my voicemail, but I'm fairly certain she'd have called by now if she had anything to report.

In other news, another birthday has come and gone. I had to work this year on my birthday, which was a little weird. No one knew it was my birthday so I luckily avoided the awkward singing and such. On my birthday I always think, "If there is only one day a year that my mom remembers me, it would probably be today" and I wonder if she really does remember. As with most years, I head to the adoption registry website and see if there are any new listings. No such luck. Does anyone else find those registries super depressing? Thousands and thousands of adopted people posting all the info they know hoping to find a long lost relative and very few families actually looking for the children they put up for adoption? Blah.

Friday, December 08, 2006

That time of year again

Long time with no update. Haven't heard anything from the woman at the courthouse. Calling her back is on my list of to-do items before I travel for the holidays. Last I heard she was sending letters to people who live in the area where I was born who had the same last name as my mom, asking them if they know her current contact information. My guess would be she never heard back. It's a little sad. You know, it's not like I was going to ask for a seat at Christmas dinner. A picture and some medical info would have probably satisfied me for life. But, what are you going to do?

Birthday number 27 is coming up in a few weeks. Birthdays are so weird. I wasn't one of those adopted kids who freaked out on my birthday. I was always excited, but it was mostly because I liked the idea of having a party at my house. Having a younger brother and sister and a dad who worked odd shifts meant that I seldomly got to have friends over, so I always looked at birthdays as the one time of year I was allowed to have people over. As I got older birthdays got a little more weird. I mean, it's your "birth day" so what do you naturally think about but the day you were born, which for most adopted people probably doesn't turn out to be the high point of the lives of anyone invovled. In fact, I have always found myself thinking that my birthday may very well have been the most difficult day of my biological mom's life. Or maybe not. Maybe it wasn't as hard for her as I like to think it was. Who knows.

Anyway, this year's birthday will be different for sure. My birthday falls between Christmas and New Year's so I'm always at home in Pennsylvania on my birthday. In fact, I've never woken up anywhere except my parents house on my birthday nor have I ever gone to work or school. Usually my parents take me out for lunch and whatever friends happen to be in town go out to dinner. I don't usually do anything too out of the ordinary, just lie low and let it pass. This year, having only been at my job for a few weeks, my birthday will actually be my first day back at work after the holiday break. Yuck.